Welcome IHRPC

The journey ahead is challenging but I am confident that with your support, we will continue to be the voice for the Humanity and for the children and strive towards reaching out the most marginalised children in the years to come. We would like to thank you and all our supporters for believing in our work. I am happy to welcome you again.


Health & Nutrition

We provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from the most marginalised communities.



We help children with limited means get access to quality education, with a focus on street children and girls.


Child protection

All children have the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Donate Money & Support Charity to Keep children safe & free from harm.



Children can't wait for help in the times of crisis. We work to help children move past the trauma of a disaster and rebuild their lives.

Human rights


The Right To an Identity

Children are entitled to a name, legally registered with the government, and a nationality (to belong to a country). Further, they must have the right to an identity, in the form of a public record. This ensures national support, as well as access to social services.


The Right To Health

Medical care, nutrition, protection from harmful habits (including drugs) and safe working environments are covered under the right to health, and articles 23 and 24 enumerate access to special care and support for children with special needs, as well as quality health care (including drinking water, nutrition, and a safe environment) respectively.


The Right To Education

Right to free primary education is critical for helping children develop discipline, life skills while finding a safe and healthy environment to nurture a child's physiological development. This includes freedom from violence, abuse or neglect.


The Right To a Family Life

If not family members, then children have the right to be looked after by caretakers. Children must live with their parents until it is harmful to them. However, 'family reunification', i.e. permission for family members living in different countries to travel to renew contact between family members is critical.