Human Rights Challenges


Human Rights Challenges

The fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Declaration are still not a reality for many, as human rights abuses constitute a worldwide problem and give rise to ethnic, racial and religious conflicts, The human rights challenges faced by the world today are:

★  Poverty and global inequities
★  Discrimination
★  Armed conflict and violence
★  Impunity
★  Democracy deficits
★  Weak institutions

IHRPC would aim towards mitigating the challenges of implementation which are fostered by the gaps in knowledge, capacity, commitment and social security.

Learn Your 30 Human Rights

We Are All Born Free & Equal Marriage And Family
Don't discriminate The Right to your Own Things
No Slavery No Torture Freedom of Expression
You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go The Right to Public Assembly
We're All Equal Before The Law The Right to Democracy
Your Human Rights are Protected by law Social Security
No Unfair Detainment Worker's Rights
The Right to Trail The Right to Play
We're Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty Food and Shelter for All
The Right to Privacy The Right to Education Copyright
Freedom to move A Fair and free world
The Right to Seek a safe place to live Responsibility
Right to a Nationality No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights