About (IHRPC)

International Human Rights Peace Commission-IHRPC is a worldwide humanitarian organization based in Florida, USA. It is registered under the department of States in Florida as a Non Governmental Organisation. IHRPC aims to promote social and global justice through human rights. We seek to strengthen the field of all human rights. We seek to strengthen the field of all human rights, developing the tools for achieving their respect, protection and fulfillment. While we recognize the interdependence and indivisibility of all human rights, our special focus is on economic, social and cultural rights, which concern essential values for a life of dignity and freedom-food, education, health, housing, social security, and work, among others.

Our work is guided not only by the vision and principles established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which we regard as sources of inspiration in our mission to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights, and to promote a human rights-based framework for development.

International Human rights peace Commission(IHRPC) is an expression of national and international tradition of tolerance in all cultures that form the basics of peace and progress.

International Human Rights Peace Commission (IHRPC) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all.

Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world-so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.

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The Office of the International Human Rights Peace Commission (IHRPC) & Human Protection Peace Council India represents the world’s commitment to universal ideals of human dignity.